What If That New Job Isn’t Working?

What If That New Job Isn’t Working?

 So, you turned out to be the choice candidate after the interview sessions. It was a grueling journey, you almost lost steam at certain phase of the process but somehow, you exercised and exhibited some strength you wouldn’t have given yourself credit for, in fact, you still wonder at yourself. Hey! You’re here finally. Congratulations! You’re the man/woman of the moment.

You say to yourself with your fist clenched and hand bent at the elbow, you exclaim. “Yes!” Victory at last is the state that your mind is in and nothing, absolutely nothing can douse the state of your spirit. Your take-home is good and the total package almost blew you off your feet, it’s an international organization and for you, you have arrived.

For another victory story, the new job is also good but the process was not as hectic, it’s a small business and not much about the remuneration but, for the new employee, it is a prayer answered. It so happened that you walked into a waiting opportunity and you had the job requirement. You were asked to resume work just a few days after the interview.

These two individuals, have new jobs even though under two different work conditions, job satisfaction or dissatisfaction could arise under any work environment that does not align with your personal values and general perception about life.

Signs That You Are In The Wrong Place: Work Ethics and the Organizational Culture

Top on my priority list when researching on any organization I would like to take up employment in would be the existing work ethics and the work culture of such establishment. How is work done and how are the employees treated? Can you express yourself freely and explore your potentials to the fullest? How’s the company’s HR policy? Remember that a conducive work environment is crucial to effective and efficient employee.

Any values that you cannot easily compromise, you owe yourself the responsibility to consciously uphold. Some organizations engage in certain sharp practices that go against certain moral expectations and this invariably impact on your good conscience. For some people, it’s no big deal, after all, it is business and nothing personal. The marketplace is all about survival of the fittest but not for you. There are far much reaching effects when it comes to integrity, you cannot mortgage this. You may have tried to cause a change but the body language says to ‘steer clear and not dare’.

Work Life Balance

The new job is so demanding, with the amazing income you’re getting, it seems like your blood is being demanded as well and not just you mind. You must get to work early and leave late most often than not. You’re gradually becoming a stranger in your own home, you’re so easily irritated and little matters are magnified in your mind until they become grandiose, when was the last time you actually had a good laugh about silly things, take walks with friends or a refreshing outing. As you stand before the mirror stirring into your own eyes and reflecting over your appearance, the only good thing you see is your nice expensive clothing which by the way, you regularly order via online shops.

When was the last time I went shopping? You thought, that answer eludes you as you shake your head, it’s only six months into the new job and you already look like a shadow of yourself. “I need to starting thinking of another job if things don’t improve in the next six months. This is obviously not working”. You thought to yourself.

Health Challenge

The need to see your doctor has increased in the last four months and with every visit, you’re warned to take things easy but the job demand does not grant you such luxury. You’re on health insurance, so money is not a problem neither is access to quality healthcare yet your healthcare practitioner has advised on time off work which you had adhered to in the past but this time it is different. Time is so precious. You have an almost impossible target and time is running out. Your appraisal will be based on your ability to deliver on this target and so far, the key performance indicator isn’t looking great. You didn’t realize that your employers are “slave-drivers”. What the heck! You have to quit the job before it quits your life. It’s just isn’t working.

Mental and Emotional Stress

It’s medically proven that certain kind and/or level of stress is good for the human body which is called eustress, it is quite healthy but distress is the negative one. I remember this from my health psychology class not too long ago. Have you become cranky of late? How do you feel about your new job after the first three months? Are you happy on the job or does the thought of work make you restless, taking away your peace. If your stress level is consistently high on the negative, you have the wrong job and you need to start considering a change.

Unhealthy Competition

Does your workplace culture encourage team rivalry? In organizations, certain unspoken rules exist and this nobody tells you at the time of engagement, you only get to know when you have assumed your position. As you get into the scheme of things, you discover that there are some expectations on the job that could drive a wedge between your soul and your spirit. Everyone strives for individual recognition but you’re a team player. Your years of experience has proven that a team is better and achieve better results than an individual. Every effort to build formidable team meet resistance and eventually gets frustrated. 

Being good at what you do, you decide to fly solo, you outwit everyone in the process and are now perceived as a threat to their stability on the job, an alliance of conspiracy is formed. There are only two options; fall in or fall out. As you muse over these issues, the popular saying “if you can’t beat them, join them” comes to mind but petty schemes is not just your style. A toxic environment impacts negatively on your productivity and well-being, so you’d rather take a walk and find a more conducive work environment.

Verbal, Financial and Ethical Abuse

People who talk down on others have low self-esteem, a complex and are generally insecure but they hide under the guard of superiority. Rather than encourage, they take delight in ridiculing every effort, any mistake becomes an avenue to remind you of how inefficient you are. As if the verbal attack is not enough, there’s an attack on your finance because they hold your paycheck, they effect deductions on your salary in an unethical manner. 

There are no standard procedures to this; deductions for lateness, no overtime, you’re assigned with tasks outside of your job description which in itself is not a totally bad thing but when a measure is taken against you when something goes wrong in your department while attending to the assigned duty is a show of bad faith. Someone I know is in this terrible work environment by the end of her first month at work, almost half of her salary was deducted in this manner. 

To complicate the issues, it was on her first day of resumption, that she realized that the right time of resumption and closing time that was communicated when the offer came was wrong. She worked three extra hours daily, sometimes more but with right counsel on how to handle the matter, some consideration was given and adjustment was made on her working hours, but the unethical deductions has not been addressed. Obviously, she doesn’t have the skills to rectify this, so she will continue to suffer this until she finds a better job and she is already looking out for another opening elsewhere. Of course, this sort of workplace challenge is prevalent in sole proprietorship and other small-scale businesses.

I am a strong proponent of researching the organization you intend to seek for employment opportunity to ascertain that you can bring your best foot forward when it comes to job delivery and thrive in all your tasks. If there is a misalignment at any stage, lack of productivity will be the resultant effect.

believe that if the values that you uphold in life is contravened by the existing workplace culture, disharmony will scream at you consistently driving your peace of mind far from you. My candid admonition is to empower yourself with sufficient knowledge such that the distress experienced at the workplace is greatly minimized. 

Exasperation is unhealthy in the long run. ‘Change’, they say, is the only constant thing in life, don’t be afraid to leave a job, if the environment is toxic, just ensure that your turnover at jobs is reasonably low, employers need stable hands for certain jobs and you don’t want to lose opportunities because of instability. 

Ultimately, before you move, suggest the changes you’d like to see, observe the response which includes body language especially among the leadership who will either champion or scuttle the suggestions.

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